4 Things Your Washing Machine Doesn’t Deserve

Throw in icky, messy and stained clothes into a washer and after a short cycle you get them cleaned. A washer is typically used this way, but you may be doing something wrong that you may not be aware of. Here are the most common blunders to stay away from.

  1. Choosing the wrong setting

Understand the built in settings of your laveuse LG and learn to customize them on the basis of your clothing. Most of the clothing can be washed at normal settings and work is done. But if you are habitual of washing all clothes on same setting, then you may need to reconsider your settings by washing some clothes separately or in small batches. You can do your wardrobe and your washer a favor!

  1. Neglecting the tag

Washers have been in use for years, and the newest machines have made the regular chore much easier, but still washers cannot read the tags and select the right settings. So, to do your laundry properly, you need to understand the instructions for that fabric type. When you don’t do that, the colors may bleed, the fabric may shrink and ruin your laundry as well.

  1. Using extra detergent

It is a worldwide acclaimed myth that if your clothes are really filthy, then you may need some extra laundry detergent. Better to wash it twice than adding more detergent to ruin your laundry in no time. Many machines come with a prewash setting that comes in handy as well. There are many new washers that are energy and water efficient as well. Extra soap will not be rinsed away properly with the amount of water used. Rather, the water will stay on your clothes or accumulate on the interior of the washer that can damage the parts of the unit.

  1. Leaving wet clothes inside

When you keep your washer working, you can focus on other tasks while your clothes are being washed. So it becomes easy to be distracted when doing the laundry. But when you leave a load of your clothes inside, unattended, it may cause mildew and smell in the washer which is bad for you, your clothes and your machine as well. So, always set a timer on your phone so that you can remove the clothes on a daily basis so as to keep the odor and damaged load at bay.