6 Best Home Additions to Increase Your House’s Outdoor Square Footage

When looking for ways to add square footage to your house, you needn’t look any further than your backyard. Adding extra space isn’t just an opportunity to expand the living area of your home. It can also help create a larger outdoor entertaining space or make outdoor living more enjoyable. As observed in a recent study, 90% of Americans agree that outdoor living space is more valuable than ever. Here are some home additions that can increase the square footage for better outdoor living.

Add a Sunroom

Building a sunroom is a great way to increase the square footage of your home. A sunroom is simply an extension of your home that allows you to enjoy more outdoor space without going outside. Sunrooms are typically built with glass windows and doors, which can also be used as an additional natural light source for your house.

There are several benefits of building a sunroom. First, it will add value to your home because it creates more usable space and increases the size and weight of all existing areas within the house (e.g., living room). Second, it will allow you more flexibility when choosing furniture for the interior of your home. You could select furniture that’s bigger than what would normally fit into other parts going through renovation or remodeling projects around town.

There are multiple sunroom ideas you can try. An article published on The Spruce website lists bump-out addition, pre-fabricated, conservatory, and back porch as the top ideas for designing your sunroom.

Add a Patio

A patio is one of the best home additions for increased square footage. It can be used for many things, including entertainment, dining, relaxation, and more. Patios are a great way to make your home more functional and enjoyable.

The patio is an extension of your interior decorating theme, whether traditional or contemporary, modern or rustic. It’s an opportunity to add color, texture, and pattern to your outdoor space while maintaining balance with the rest of your landscaping.

If you have a small yard, patio design can help create an illusion of space by adding architectural elements like walls, steps, and arbors that give the impression of more room than is available.

The problem with the patio is that if left open, it can invite bugs and dust. Hence, it is best to use patio screen doors. This will have multiple purposes. Firstly, it can allow or prevent excessive sunlight from entering the patio. If you don’t have patio screen doors, the excessive sunlight can fade your furniture and make it look dull. Secondly, screen doors can allow you to enjoy the space in all seasons.

Hence, consider installing patio screen doors to protect your patio from excessive sunlight, bugs, and dust. Many options are available if you wish to have ready-to-install or DIY kits. You can also use premade patio screen doors like this to safeguard your patios.

Build a Deck

Decking is a great way to expand your home’s square footage, and adding a deck to your home is an easy way to do it. Deck material options include wood, composites, and recycled plastic lumber made from recycled water bottles.

Deck railings can be simple or fancy depending on the look you’re going for. You can also choose different lighting options like solar-powered LED lights or traditional string lights hung from your ceiling joists. Forbes has listed a mix of classic and modern deck remodel designs you can refer to while adding a deck to your home.

Extend Your Porch

This is a great way to add square footage without actually adding square footage. A porch is an extension of your house, which means it can be added to the front and back of your home and the sides. Porches are a great place for entertaining guests or just relaxing with friends and family on warm summer nights. Consider adding a built-in bench or a swing, so you’ll have more room to enjoy.

Porches are also an easy way to add square footage without adding extra room. There’s no need for demolition or construction; just a new front porch is all it takes. Besides square footage, a porch will also increase your house’s value by 4%-6% and make it stand out from other listings when selling it.

Build a Balcony

A balcony is a great way to add space to your home that doesn’t take up any more square footage. Balconies can be used for sitting, dining, and storage, and you don’t need to build an entire second floor if you don’t want to. Building a balcony over an existing deck is also a great option because it won’t require additional construction costs.

If you do choose to build an enclosed balcony with walls or railings (and perhaps even glass in the wall), keep in mind that these additions will increase your home’s square footage by quite a bit. You can decorate the balcony with plants, flowers, and solar lights. This will make it feel like a little outdoor room that’s all yours.

Build a Gazebo

Gazebos are a great way to add square footage to your house. Not only do they have the ability to create extra living space, but they also come with a variety of other benefits that can make your life easier.

  • Gazebos can be an extension of your living room or patio area. If you love having parties and entertaining guests in your backyard, building a gazebo will allow you to keep them away from the sun while they mingle and chat over barbecued food and drinks.
  • Gazebos can provide privacy for those who want some alone time in the sun or shade without getting hot or bothered by flies or insects flying around them while they read their favorite book during their downtime after work each day.
  • Pop-up gazebos are great for those who want to enjoy the benefits of having a gazebo but don’t want to invest too much money or time into building one. They are easy to set up and take down and can be moved around if needed.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ways to add square footage to your home. Some are free. Others will cost a comfortable sum. No matter your choice, it’s worth the added space and luxury.