6 Things That Will Elevate Your Game Room

Playing a game with your friends requires a proper setting, whether it’s a game of poker, a Dungeons and Dragons session, or a console party game.

Not everyone has a custom-made area for such pursuits in their home. In fact, most people tend to think of game rooms as badly prepared settings, with uncomfortable chairs, and bowls of food on the floor. It might be in the basement surrounded by boxes of random stuff, or in the draughty garage with a naked light bulb and rattily windows. Even if you do have a dedicated room, in the house, you might only have the basics of a table, some chairs and your television.

However, the dedicated gamer, a committed host and regular user of such a room would gladly invest in elevating their game rooms to a place everyone would love to visit.

Here are a couple of things they should consider if they wish to take their games room to the next level.

Wall Art

As recommended in our post “Refresh Your Space with Style and Substance”, you should consider decorating your walls with art. You can hang a couple of 3D dioramas from The Legend of Zelda or Street Fighter for your retro gaming room, or commission an artist to paint a wall with a Dungeons and Dragons landscape to use as a background for your tabletop roleplaying sessions.

Display Shelf

Building a custom shelf can make a disorganized game room seem more inviting and fun. You can use it to store board games like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride, making sure that the beautiful box art is visible. You can also use it to display luxurious items, like an expensive set of poker chips and cards, which would look perfect on a wooden shelf.

Game Table

If you are a fan of tabletop role-playing, board games, or card games, it is probably advisable to invest in a custom-made table. This gives you the opportunity to choose the fabric of the surface to protect it from dice rolls or choose the specific designs and lettering necessary to play a card game like Texas Hold’em. This last one is the most popular variant of poker, making it easier to find people to play with.

LED Lights

The right sets of lights can add a level of immersion to your game sessions. The easiest set-up involves installing a couple of smart LED light bulbs that allow you to control brightness and color from your phone while you play from a table. But if you are into video games, Philips has a monitor with an RGB light that adapts to the color palette of any scene, making you feel like you are immersed in New York City while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Arcade Machines

Placing additional games around your room will allow visitors to stay busy while someone is preparing snacks, or setting up the main game. You can choose from classic machines like the light-gun shooter Time Crisis, or fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom. If you want a more classic look, you can place a pinball machine-like Medieval Madness. Just make sure to soundproof your walls and have a handful of coins ready for your guests.

Physical Games

If you have enough space you should consider classics like a fuzzball or an air hockey machine. If you want to make your friend feel just like they are in their own personal bar, you can hang a game of darts, or even get an expensive pool table. You should also consider lesser-known games like the Southamerican Sapo, in which a player has to throw heavy coins into a large wooden table covered in leather, trying to make it land on the small mouth of a frog.

Game rooms can take different forms: from neon-light-ridden VR set-ups inside basements to elegant areas filled with expensive custom-made furniture. In the end, what matters is that the host and their guests feel comfortable, motivated to play and, overall, just have a good time.