8 Reasons To Choose A Mobile Ready Mix Concrete Plant Over Normal RMC Plants

Similar to regular ready mix concrete plants, mobile ready mix concrete plants are capable of producing good quality ready mix concrete in batches as well. The most distinctive difference between the two is their size. Mobile concrete mixing plants utilize small areas and are compact in size compared to the large ready mix concrete plants. Also, unlike stationary batching plants, they can be installed even at remote locations. Hence, these batching plants are ideal for temporary projects and sites where shifting is required constantly. Besides this obvious advantage, many contractors incline towards mobile ready mix concrete plants more than ready mix concrete plants owing to the following benefits:

A More Economical Choice

If you are looking for a more economical choice, a mobile concrete plant will always be a more convenient choice as they cost much lesser when compared to the conventional stationary ready mix concrete plants. Installation cost is nominal as the expenditures required to set up a mobile batching plant are comparatively lesser. As the parts of the machine are lighter and smaller, installing it requires less effort and money. Many modern designs are available as well that can be easily installed on any flat surface and with minimum effort.

Transporting It Is Easy

As the name suggests, a mobile concrete batching plant is portable. Its overall size is small and the parts used in it are much lighter. Hence, transporting the entire batching plant is easy. Also, the expenditure for transporting the machine will be very less.

Requires Lesser Time For Installation 

Given the small size of mobile ready mix concrete plants, the components and parts used in them are smaller and lighter as well compared to regular ready mix concrete plants. Hence, assembling and installing the mobile RMC plant take just 50 percent of the total time required to do the same with a stationary plant. This makes shifting from one place more convenient and easy. Engineers can save more time and effort and complete the project faster.

Crane Is Not Required For Long During Installation

While setting up a ready mix concrete plant, a crane is required for installation. As the number of parts is more and they are heavier as compared to a mobile concrete batching plant parts, a crane is required for a longer duration. In the case of a mobile batching plant, installation is fast and the crane is required for a shorter duration. Many modern mobile concrete batching plants can be installed without even using a crane.

Low Maintenance Cost

All machines require timely maintenance. The time and money required for maintenance are more in concrete batching plants given their larger and heavier structure. Most mobile batching plants are specifically designed to ensure that little maintenance is required to keep them in perfectly good condition.

Operating These Mobile Concrete Plants Is Easier

Given the small size of the mobile ready mix concrete plants, operating them is very easy for the engineers. On the other hand, operating a stationary concrete batching plant can be a little difficult.

Low Power Consumption

Power consumption plays a huge role in the decision-making process. Contractors always opt for options that consume less power. When both the types with the same capabilities are compared, the mobile batching plant will work more efficiently and consume less power.

All Components Are Prewired

Wiring during the installation process is a hectic task that consumes a lot of time and delays the process. Most contractors prefer mobile ready mix concrete plants because all their components are prewired unit wise and each unit comes with a junction box. As a result, installing this portable machine consumes less time.

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