Airbnb Hosting – The Importance of Stocking the Essentials

When packing for flights, most of us forget to bring the essentials. We’re in such a rush that we run out the door without important items that we need on a daily basis. As an Airbnb host, it is important to keep your property stocked with a range of essential items, just in case travellers forget their own. Provide these items to your guests will only serve to boost your ratings online.

Phone Chargers

We simply cannot do without our phones and our phone chargers in today’s society. We use our phones for all kinds of things, such as keeping us entertained, for business purposes and for emergency reasons. When you check your travel case and you realise you’ve left your charger at home, you immediately start to panic. But a good host will have smart phone chargers at the ready, just in case you’ve forgotten yours. Specialists in Airbnb property management in Sydney recommend leaving some chargers for your guests to borrow in the event they’ve overlooked packing their own.


With the restrictions of liquid during air travel, most of us now tend to leave all liquid toiletries at home and buy new one’s when we arrive at our destination. But we don’t always arrive during the night, sometimes it is too late at night to find a shop and you’re in need of a refreshing shower after a long-haul flight. If you hire a property management team like HomeHost, they’ll ensure your place is always well stocked with toiletries. This means guests don’t have to worry about going out to find their own because you’ve already taken care of it.

First Aid Supplies

You just never know when an accident can occur, so being prepared is essential. Hands get cut on glass, kids fall on the ground and adults slip on wet floors, if anything happens, you must have access to basic first aid supplies. Most Airbnb hosts overlook this item and forget to pack a first aid kit in their property. Your guests will appreciate you providing a first aid kit when something goes wrong and they really need it.

Reliable Map

Ok, so we know most of us use Google maps to get around, but what happens when you’ve no internet or your phone suddenly goes dead? It is always a good idea to include a reliable map in your property. It should show all of the best spots in the areas, including:

  • Entertainment Zones
  • Sports
  • Parks
  • Dining

It helps your guests understand the city and make the most out of their stay. You can’t always rely on the internet to get you everyone, sometimes an old-fashioned map is all you need.

It is vitally important to stock the essentials when looking after your Airbnb listing. If you’re finding it difficult to maintain your property, why not consider hiring an Airbnb property management specialist? They provide a wide range of services to ensure your place is in excellent condition and it attracts customers all year round.