Bringing Back your Old Home’s Beauty with your Vintage Fireplace

A fireplace is often a room’s focal point. It can set the tone for the entire style of a space. Smooth glass can be used for setting a contemporary tone while rough brick can pull a rustic space together. Some people prefer to create an eye-catching centerpiece with vintage and antique fireplaces. If you want to bring back the beauty of your home, one of the essential pieces you should focus on is the fireplace.

Learning About the Your Home’s Era and Style

If you want to reinstate original features in your period property, you need to learn about the overall style and era of your home. Or maybe you want a reproductive fireplace with a variety of features that will perfectly blend with contemporary color schemes. To choose the right fireplace, you must consider how old your home is.

A limestone fireplace will impress with a timeless classic design and exquisite quality workmanship. Also, it can feature a chamber inner hearth and a panel or stove gas fires. Another great option is an antique marble fireplace. In the Edwardian and Victorian era, the fireplaces usually had tiled inserts that required a bigger opening. Thus, people must be vigilant when measuring up their room to accommodate this.

When Installing a New Fireplace

To ensure you get the most out of your fireplace, consider the following factors:

  • Your heating needs. If you want your fireplace to give you a positive experience, ensure the size is right for your living area and heating needs. If you buy a fireplace that is too big, you will need to constantly use it on low effect and end up with soot on your chimney and glass.
  • Ventilation. Your fireplace can only function properly if it has air. Your chimney pulls air through the fireplace; however, your fireplace may not function optimally if you have a sealed or insulated home. The best solution is to connect outside air to the fireplace.

  • Chimney. The majority of fireplace issues stem from the chimney with incorrect dimensions. To ensure your fireplace will work optimally, attach a chimney with an internal diameter that is bigger than the flue outlet on your fireplace.
  • Placement. Fireplaces differ in their features. While some are designed to be placed near flammable material others require a fireproof wall to be placed near the wall. A quick solution is to set up an exterior fireproof wall that is five centimeters thick. Make sure to see a drawing that shows the placement of the fireplace when you seek expert advice.