Canatec – the precision cooling system to go with

In order for one to get the best kind of experience out of a cooling system, it is absolutely necessary that one makes use of the right kind of air conditioning system that best matches up with the exact requirement. Canatel provides for the best and finest range of precision air cooling system that offers for ultimate kind of cooling system for one and all. The air conditioning system turns out to be durable, intelligent, reliable and also energy efficient to a great extent. It is specifically designed for the purpose of offering best outcome under various conditions and this includes usage for commercial purposes as well.

Go green with optimal precision air conditioning for server rooms. CANATAL’s line of reliable, durable and intelligent Precision Cooling System, also known as CRAC, is engineered to feature energy efficient components and enhanced flow methodology. Featuring EC plenum fan installation and intelligent “CO-WORK™” networking capabilities, these systems provide energy savings of up to 30% at a smaller footprint, with multiple units LAN connectivity made available.

Check out available precision air conditioning units below, for computer and server room application.