Designing a Garden for the British Climate

Living in a country like the UK, the weather is extremely unpredictable, with some parts of the year often experiencing what feels like four seasons in one day! Well, such unpredictability can be a pain when you’re hosting social events in the garden. Where should you and your friends go when the weather suddenly goes from clear blue skies to a downpour of rain?

Well, if your garden is designed in the right way, then you don’t need to worry about that. Here are some top tips when it comes to designing your garden for the British climate:

  • Build a fire pit: Although this won’t be the best idea when it’s raining (unless located underneath a shelter), having a fire pit can provide the perfect respite from cold weather, whilst still being able to enjoy the delight of your garden. Fire pits are great in that they ensure that the fire is concentrated in a specific area – thus reducing the fire hazard. Should it be a windy day, the way that they are built should help protect the fire from the wind. Make sure you build it in the right place, though, as you don’t want the smoke to be blowing into your house.
  • Consider a garden shed: While many people might have a neglected garden shed that they use for no more than storage purposes, garden sheds can actually be extremely versatile. You might decide to use your garden shed as an indoor social area, a detached office, a yoga meditation room or otherwise. Regardless, if you want to be spending some time outside the main part of your house but the weather is too bad, then retreating from your garden into the shed might not be the worst of ideas, especially if it’s done up well!
  • Waterproof garden furniture: Wooden chairs aren’t always the best choice when it comes to garden furniture. This is because, when exposed to rain, the wood gets damp, and loses strength. It also doesn’t look very good! On the other hand, rattan garden furniture is water-resistant and makes for the perfect garden furniture.
  • Install some rain covers: If you’re planning al fresco dinner parties, or if you enjoy a weekend breakfast outdoors with the family, then you’re going to need some rain covers. Even if the weather’s looking dry outdoors, remember that you’re in the UK, meaning that it can change within minutes. However, you don’t want these rain covers to always be blocking the sunlight. As such, make sure that they are easy to remove and adjust.
  • Buy a woodfired oven: Okay, now this might look a little out of place on the list. But in reality, it really isn’t. That’s because woodfired ovens can provide a perfect source of heat in the winter, even if you’re not cooking anything out of them. But, of course, it also gives you the ability to cook outdoors when the weather is nice. It could be the perfect addition to your garden.