Different Types Of Chicken Coops To Keep Your Brood Safe

When you are looking to keep chickens in your home, there are many options available for chicken coops you can choose for them. You will want to ensure they have somewhere safe to protect them from predators, so they continue to lay lots of fresh eggs for you and your family. Whether you are starting your journey in keeping chickens or you need to update your chicken coop, you can select from many different ones to keep your chickens safe. Below are a few options that may be suitable for your brood of chickens and will help to keep them safe and warm.

A Poultry House With Chicken Run

When you have plenty of space available, you may want to consider getting yourself a poultry house with a run for your chickens. They are about double the size of a small garden shed, and they have an enclosed outdoor chicken run to let the birds scratch and run around. They also have a safe house for the birds to keep them safe and nesting boxes, making it easy to collect the eggs. However, these can be a more expensive option and are not suitable for those on a budget, but there are other alternatives you can consider.

A Bantam Ark For Your Chickens

When you only have a couple of chickens, but you still want to keep them safe and offer them a comfortable home, you can consider getting a chicken ark for them. These chicken arks have a smaller home for the birds and an enclosed area to let them roam but prevent them from wandering off. They are ideal for smaller gardens and homes with only two or three chickens. They will provide the birds with enough room to live comfortably and help keep them safe.

A Chicken Pod For Free-Range Birds

You can also get a chicken pod which has enough room for a few birds, and these pods are often mounted on wheels so you can move them about easily. They also come with a ramp to give the chickens easy access to the pod, and you can lock the door at night to help prevent foxes and other predators from attacking your birds. During the day, you open the doors and let your chickens roam about freely, and they will return to their home at night so you can lock them up to keep them safe.

A DIY Option

When you are on a tight budget, you may look at the cost of buying a chicken coop and think you cannot afford it. You can decide to build your chicken house and chicken run by yourself, saving you quite a bit of money. You will only require some basic DIY skills and tools to do the job, and you can get everything you need at your local DIY store. You can find free-to-download plans online to help you build your chicken coop that comes with step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. You can ensure that your birds have somewhere suitable to live that does not cost you a fortune and will help to keep everyone happy.