Home Security Cameras: Where to Put Them

If you own your home and you are in the process of upgrading your home security system, you’ll no doubt be considering a wide range of home security products. One of the most important areas that you should consider is whether to upgrade your home security cameras. Once you have made the decision to do so it is then time to look at the different areas of the house (especially the exterior of the property) that would most benefit from the installation of security cameras. There are plenty of HD quality security cameras on the market today, as well as smart video doorbells, each with the quality and ease of installation that will help you have greater peace of mind that your home is being looked after.

Security cameras as part of a wider home security system can act as a deterrent to potential burglars, especially if they are placed in prominent positions. They are also fantastic to allow you to see exactly what is going on, and to be used as evidence if a break in takes place when you are not at home and you call the police.

Before choosing how many security cameras you need, first examine your property and look at the different areas of it, the potential vulnerable points that a burglar may target. Your front door, side door and back door should all be the first place you look. Place exterior cameras above or near any doors that lead into your home, focusing on the side and rear entrances due to a change in approach in recent years in the video doorbell.

Video doorbells are a great technological advancement that has changed the landscape of front door security. Not only do you now have greater awareness of what is going on at your front door at any given time, you can do so within a simple app on your phone, and connect to the rest of your home security system, security cameras, house alarms, and any other home security products that you have, all utilising smart technology. Without having to cost you the earth a video doorbell brings you a HD quality live video feed to the front door area, immediately bolstering your front door security, and covering a huge section of the exterior of the property when you are considering where to place your security cameras.

Another potential vulnerable point at a property is where you have windows that do not directly face the street. Due to the privacy this brings to a burglar it could allow for more time to successfully break in and therefore should be under great consideration as a location for a security camera.

What about the internal areas of your home though?

If a burglar has managed to enter your home you might want to include security cameras inside, as well as outside. This could be in the common areas of the property, and even the stairway. Understanding where to place your home security cameras is important, as it could make a massive difference to your peace of mind. Find a home security products supplier with a history of success in the field and a network of expert home security installers to help you achieve your goal of keeping your home safe.