Home Security Carelessness: Top 5 Homeowner Mistakes

Installing a home security system is a smart move. Home security systems deter criminals, especially when equipped with video surveillance cameras and 24-hour monitoring. But with a home security system comes the temptation to be careless. Succumbing to that temptation is not good. A little carelessness can render the benefits of home security moot.

Vivint Smart Home is a company that provides home security systems, home automation equipment, and 24-hour remote monitoring. They say carelessness is at the root of many of the problems people have with their security equipment. Fortunately, there are homeowners who become more vigilant after installing a security system.

Those who become more careless are prone to the following five mistakes:

1. Failing to Arm Their Systems

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a state-of-the-art security system only to come home and find that you have been burglarized. A close inspection reveals that you forgot to arm the system when you left. That one careless mistake has become a serious problem.

It is still better to have a home security system than nothing at all. Most times, forgetting to arm it will not result in a successful burglary. With any luck, a burglar approaching your home would see your security company placard in the yard and move on to an easier target. But if they decide to try anyway, having not armed your system makes your home easier to breach without discovery.

2. Leaving the Key Under the Mat

These days, leaving a spare key under the mat is a bad idea. It is surprising that so many people still do it. Likewise for hanging a spare key on a nail in the garage. Just because you have a home security system installed does not mean you should be leaving a spare key where burglars can easily access it.

The spare key thing isn’t even necessary anymore. With smart locks and remote access you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Why leave a spare key under the mat when you can let someone into your house using your phone?

3. Leaving Doors Unlocked

Some people with home security systems get comfortable enough that they leave their doors unlocked during the day. According to the experts though, doors and windows should stay locked even when someone is home. An unlocked door is an open invitation to a criminal who thinks nothing of invading your personal space.

4. Broadcasting Your Whereabouts

This next careless mistake is a big one in the social media era: broadcasting your whereabouts on all your social pages. Again, this is not a smart move. People with bad intentions know how to use social media to locate victims. If you are constantly telling the entire world where you are at every minute of the day, you are also telling criminals that your home might be empty.

5. Not Taking Care of Your Home

Perpetrators of property crimes look for certain things when choosing their targets. One thing they look for is a property that isn’t well maintained. If you do not make the effort to take care of your home, a burglar has every reason to believe that you are careless with your home security system, too. Your home may become an attractive target.

Note that all these careless mistakes are rooted in the understanding that a home security system does not prevent burglary and other property crimes all by itself. It is but one tool that is used in concert with many others to protect your family, yourself, and your property. If you have one, do not be careless about it.