How To Add Natural Light Into Your Home

When you’re thinking of how to increase your property’s value or simply make it a more pleasant place to live in, natural light has to be a major consideration. The more natural light you can add, the better your home will be. Not only will it make people more interested in buying it (a light, bright home is always preferable to a dark, dingy one), but natural light is good for your health since it ensures you get more vitamin D and regulates your hormones better. With that in mind, read on to find out the best ways to let more natural light into your home.

Make The Most Of Your Windows

By far, the simplest way to let more natural light into your home is to start with the windows. Since some natural light will already be coming through them, you just need to improve and enhance this light, which is far easier than starting from scratch.

Something that always works wonders is removing any heavy curtains and replacing them with attractive shutters. By removing the heavy materials and replacing it with something gorgeous from Sunburst Shutters, you will automatically brighten up the space, and in many cases, shutters allow more space to let natural light through – they don’t cover up the window when they’re open, unlike curtains. Just making this one small change can make your entire home look so much brighter and a much more lovely place to be.

Use Light Colors

If you can’t physically allow any more natural light into your home (not without installing new windows or perhaps skylights, which is certainly an option but not one you’ll want to do without serious consideration), then lightening the colors you use in your home décor can be a great solution.

Look objectively at the interior of your house. Is it light, bright, and airy, or is it dark and dismal? If it’s the latter, invest in some white or cream paint and cover up the darkness. Once you have removed the darker colors, you’ll find that everything opens up. Of course, you can (and should) add some splashes of dark color through your accessories, such as rugs, cushions, or shelving, for example. You just need to be aware that too much will undo all the good you did by changing the color, so be careful when adding dark colors back in.

Shiny Surfaces

Your home probably wouldn’t look great with shiny things on every surface of every room, but the concept is still a sound one. Having some shiny elements in each room, even if it’s only one or two things, will help to reflect any natural light that does come in and maximize it.

These shiny surfaces can be anything from glossy kitchen cabinet doors to mirrors to metallic elements. You could even have cushions decorated with sequins if you want to. Make it your mission to include at least one shiny item in every room and, if need be, add to this number to increase the amount of natural light you can get there.