How To Make Classy Additions To Your Bedroom!

Need to up your bedroom vibes? Looking for ideas to make classy statement with your bedroom décor? No matter how simple or outlaid your room is, you can always pick from some classic interior décor pieces to turn your space around. If you look for a classic vibe with some vintage feels, the addition of the things need to be in sync with the ideas you want to create.

For a classic room that reverberate the luxury feels and comfortable vibes, here are some ideas that can truly Upgrade Bedroom. Pick up from some of these ideas to turn your bedroom outlook completely!

Add mood lights

A classic bedroom is less on funky colours and high on moods. Opt for the subtle moody lights like yellow, oranges, reds and whites to keep the room simple and stunning. With the furniture and colours around these lights create the perfect balance to highlight the interior and make it feel classy.

Luxury classic furniture

Furniture for the classic rooms are laid back and simple. But these are also made of the finest of woods with the right shade of brown complementing the vibe. A classic vintage bedroom holds a lot of brown in it. And so when you go for furniture, be it wood, veneer or ply – always opt for shades of brown. Rock chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes, reading table etc add to the charm.

Choose your colours wisely

There are limited colour choices for the classic bedrooms. You can either go with the dark theme with reds, yellows, and browns or pick from off-whites, white, powder pinks and greys – anything else would break the vibe of vintage. Choose the right shade for your bedroom in these selected colours to work your magic slowly. The furniture, décor, furnishings etc should complement the colours too.

Vintage style décor items

Rather than eyeing on the new-age décor items with ultra-moods and colours on them, pick from a selection of vintage pieces to truly embrace the vibe. Brass candle holders, polished tables, vintage style frames and mirrors are perfect to add to the bedroom for that luxury look. The touch of metals brings about shine and beauty to the place.

As you turn on the lights of the luxury classic vintage style bedroom, you unfold the world of luxury for yourself. With the right linens on the bed and mood lights on – it’s a paradise turn to life!