How To Move Safely During The Pandemic

The extended lockdowns and quarantines have derailed our moving plans. We have stayed inside the house for a long time, but the time will ultimately come when life has to move on, and we have to continue with our moving plans. Moving to a new home during the pandemic might require extra caution and effort. There are limitations we have to contend with. We also have to protect ourselves from catching the virus.

However hard it is, moving is always an exciting adventure. It spells out new beginnings and leaving old lives in our previous apartments or houses. Are you ready to move into a new place during this time? Consider the following suggestions.

Plan ahead of time

Moving during the pandemic can take more time than how it was before. Several factors have brought this change. The availability of logistics is undoubtedly essential. Without it, the whole moving plan will not turn into reality. Since the pandemic started, authorities have limited transportation modes, making sure that drivers are not carrying the virus from one place to another.

Also, there might be a scarcity of supply in your area. Storage facilities can be limited, and thus you need to coordinate with a moving company or coordinator so they can book your moving date in advance.

Contact friends and family in advance if you are planning a DIY move.

A DIY move is also an option, especially if one of your relatives owns a truck. DIY moving plans will even spare you the effort and extra cost of hiring trucks and vans. You have to find people willing to help you in your DIY move. Orient them in advance to follow social distancing rules and protect themselves from Covid while helping you move your stuff.

As the pack leader, you must communicate your boundaries and precautions to make everyone safe all the way.

If you need boxes, consider looking for packages for sale on specific platforms. Some platforms will deliver the containers right to your doorstep.

Settle papers and payment for truck rental.

Consider that the length of office hours can be shorter since most companies have reduced their number of employees during the pandemic. This move is to make sure that everybody observes social distancing in the office. Many offices also limit their in-person paperwork, and thus you need to settle the papers and payment in advance.

When you go to the truck rental office, you might notice that the company has designated special parking and pick-up areas. An employee will also take your temperature and advise you to undergo the standard sanitation procedures.

You can get busy facilitating the operation and forget your safety and welfare. Consider putting your safety first at all times so that you can give the proper instructions to workers, supervise the safe delivery of furniture and appliances, and ensure that the whole moving process happens according to plan.

Keep your distance at least one meter apart from the next person you are talking to. Have enough rest the night before. Getting enough sleep will give you tons of energy and increases your resistance to fight off free radicals around you. Eat a healthy meal before the moving process. You need to sleep at an earlier time so that you can wake up early and check your checklist if everything is ready.

Always bring hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towels. Distribute them accordingly to other family members that are with you during that day. Keep the truck and other locations well-ventilated. Also, confirm with the moving company that they are sending you only the healthiest personnel. Consider reminding them too to wear masks at all times and get sanitized at all times.

Set aside extra money for unannounced expenses.

The pandemic brought in other extra things in our lifestyle. Thus, you must have additional cash to pay for extra expenses such as boxes and hiring more movers. Your current landlord might also ask you to deep-clean your area, and thus you must set aside extra cash for cleaning expenses.

You can also use the extra money for other quarantine requirements in your new state or country. Check this matter with your moving attorney or financial planner so that they can give you sound advice on what to prepare. You also need to quarantine yourself and your staff in a hotel or Airbnb before settling down to your new home or apartment.

You must be excited to settle down in your new home. After all, the lockdowns have been stressful and tedious. But before finally settling in, consider deep-cleaning your new abode. Sanitize surfaces with detergent or alcohol. Start fresh by bringing in fresh new rugs, pillows, and cushions. Consider following the CDC’s guide to cleaning and disinfecting. Authorities advise cleaning the surfaces first with soap and water before applying an extra disinfectant. Also, consider using a potent disinfectant.