Important Questions to Ask About Cooling and Heating of an AC Unit

If are you looking for an experienced company to install a new AC unit, then you need to hire the right heating and cooling professional to perform the job? Asking the right questions to the potential firm will help you find the best one for your job. The right technician will give you an assurance of the best level of services.

So, here we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask all prospective professionals to arrive at the right decision.

Are your workers insured and bonded?

To protect yourself from financial accountability for mistakes that can happen at the worksite, you need to ensure that the firm is insured and bonded. This will safeguard you from lawsuits and losses. WhipplePlumbing.com is a trusted plumbing and electric repair service provider firm in Salt Lake City.

What is your experience in this sector?

An experienced firm will ensure you of the high-quality service. They will also provide you guarantee for their services.

Do you deal with any permits required by the city?

It is required that you obtain a proper permit as per the regulations of the city. Only then can you proceed with this project.

What is the appropriate unit size needed to cool the home?

This will tell you about the most efficient, and affordable unit for your requirements.

What will be the impact of the new unit on my power bill?

Go for the units that help you maximize your annual savings.

Do you provide financing options?

Before you hire an AC installation firm, you need to understand the terms and conditions, and payment amount. This will ensure that you make an informed decision.

Do you provide any tax credits or rebates that I can use?

Check about ways where you can save money while installing your heating and cooling system. One of these can be in the form of tax credits and rebates available.

Do you provide a guarantee for your work?

You should expect that the technician should provide you the guarantee of the work.

How much time will you need to install a unit?

This information will give you an idea regarding the time duration of the completion of the job. This will give you an idea when can you start using the system.


While focusing on a lot of features and cost, we tend to forget asking important questions. All the above questions would definitely help you find the most professional and well-trained company for your job.