Packing Tips For a Seamless Move

Everyone knows moving can be a hassle. You want to start fresh in a new location, but first you must get there. The time required to sort, pack and label every box can add up fast, making the moving process stressful for all involved. Don’t worry though, the following tips and tricks are going to turn you into a moving pro so you are ready for the big day.

First, make sure everything being moved is neatly organized. When moving, it’s recommended that each room gets packed individually. By doing so, boxes can go directly in the room they’re supposed to go to avoid a confusing mess. Remember where each box goes as well as how quickly they’ll be needed to access once you’re moved into your new space.

Next, use different colored packing tape to differentiate boxes. For example, use green tape for bedroom boxes, red for the kitchen and so on. This is a simpler way of telling which boxes are labeled for what instead of having to guess or write on each box. Whichever organization method you choose to implement, have plenty of tape at the ready. Experts say to use three pieces on the bottom and one on top to secure the contents inside.

If your closet is full of clothes, one way to create space is to vacuum seal the clothes in storage bags. This tip also works for other bulky items such as bedsheets and comforters. You can also eliminate clutter further by donating unwanted clothing and linens.

The last tip is to overestimate how much of something you’re going to need instead of risking being shorthanded. Make sure that everything you need is available and on hand before moving day packing early.

For more moving tips like these, please see the accompanying guide provided by Wildcat Movers.

Infographic created by Wildcat Movers, a leader in Fort Worth movers