Popular Design Tips for Modern Millennial Houses

As we step towards a new decade, we are seeing a new trend concerning housing designs. As more and more millennials get to spend on purchasing real estate, they are getting to decide what designs to go for. As they begin to reconsider what goals they are trying to achieve, more and more become attracted to real estate investments. Most of these investments involve demolishing old houses for newer ones.

Traditional houses are slowly fading away in history. Fewer and fewer architects are being requested to build houses without a modern touch. As populations across different landscapes increase overtime. There are a lot less space and real estate to work on. Not everyone can afford to get a ten thousand square foot (10,000 sq. f.) or a one-fifth acre piece of real estate anymore. Smart usage of space has become the priority when it comes to building one’s home.

Many elements separate a modern house from a traditional house. Unfortunately, the appeal of the traditional suburban house is becoming less and less attractive for millennials. Traditional houses can range from Victorian and Colonial to Neoclassical, and Cottage-type. These houses are well-known to have very expensive construction materials.

What are the popular design elements millennials go for in modern houses?

Simple Floor Spaces

Whenever you compare traditional housing to modern ones, the most noticeable difference is the overall layout of the floor space. While traditional houses can go up in the number of irregular sides protruding out of the house, modern houses are content with boxy and simple floor designs. These floor spaces are inclined to get the most floor space and usage out of the lot. Because land development partitions nowadays tend to be smaller and unaffordable, the luxury of having a yard is something often let go of.

Metallic Finishing

It is noteworthy that millennials tend to go for metallic materials — often cheaper than those needed for traditional houses. Because of the rising prices of basic construction materials, simple metallic materials are often preferred. Compared to the roof tiles placed on traditional houses, modern houses often settle for the cheaper metal roofing alternative. Even for foundations, metal poles are often used as supports instead of the traditional concrete ones. They do the same job without being too expensive.

Flexible Interiors

Because of the simple floor layout, a flexible interior is the name of the game for millennial home designs. Having all that floor space encourages creative furniture layouts and adaptable usage for vacant spaces. If there’s one thing millennials learned through their lifetime, it is that everything changes. Everything upgrades so fast that the lifetimes of most appliances only last for 2 or 3 years. Leaving blank and vacant spaces for future additional furniture is just prudent planning. Because of the lack of divisions between rooms, it feels that the entire flow of the home is seamless and minimalist — highly reflective of the millennial mindset.

Window Designs

Most traditional house designs have smaller window openings relative to the walls. In modern houses, window frames tend to blend in the wall and are larger in size. In some cases, the entire wall itself is a blank window. Large windows tend to make the interior larger. They also let natural light in better and can be more economical for the residence in the long run. Contrary to popular belief, modern windows are also sturdier than mere wooden planks. Windows also make it easier to set up security systems and alarms for your home. Many modern security systems are intended for such modern designs.

Neutral Color Palette

To get that modern feel, a neutral color palette is what the house should be painted with. A neutral color signifies simplicity and minimalism. It also feels very clean to look at. With large windows, the neutral color is emphasized and highlighted as the natural light tends to make the entire area feel clearer. Neutral colors tend to pull in the color of the environment around the house. Your interior accents such as artwork and eccentric furniture will also be easily emphasized with a neutral color palette. The entire house will feel more flexible as to its design.

Deliberate Storage

Smart spaces are all the rage when it comes to modern homes. Because of the limited space real estate nowadays tend to offer, smart areas to place excess things are always the main go-to feature of modern houses. Maximizing what little floor space they have is the key to a happy millennial home.

Designing a millennial home can be extremely difficult. However, with a little bit of research, and a pinch of dedication, you can achieve the modern home you’ve been dreaming of.