Shoe storage ideas that enhance the hallway

Whether designing our new home or building a shoe rack from scratch, we ensure that we only select the best. The same rule implies when you are shopping for shoe racks. If you love collecting shoes and find it difficult to organize your shoe rack, then it is the best time to shop for a top-notch shoe rack for your home.

In this blog, we will discuss a few DIY shoe storage ideas that can help you create a shoe rack at an affordable range of price. Creating a customized shoe rack at home is not rocket science; hence you can follow our tips and save a lot of money and time.

1: Closet shoe rack:

The closet shoe rack idea is perfect for all the readers who have a lot of shoes at their homes. Closet shoe racks have a lot of shelves, and you can also customize the height and number of shelves in the shoe rack; hence you don’t have to deal with piles of shoes.

2: Pipe shoe storage idea:

Looking for an innovative shoe rack idea? No other idea in this list can match the affordability and creativity of this idea. You will only need PVC pipes for building this shoe rack, and you are all set to go. The design can be quite similar to wooden logs, which you must have witnessed in various comics. You can hide the PVC pipe by covering it with wallpaper; hence the shoe rack would look like a den.

3: Wooden storage idea:

If you are looking for a long-term shoe rack, look no further than a classic wooden rack that will offer a modern feel and be long-lasting. When the concern is about finding the best wooden shoe rack, you will find a diversity of designs in the market. The only thing you have to consider is the wooden shoe storage must have proper ventilation.

4: Ethnic shoe rack at the entrance:

It is always important to be unique in terms of designs when building your new home. You can go with the modern idea of combining wood and metal, and you can divide the shoe rack into two vertical shelves connected by a wooden slab on the top. You can also decorate the top slab with plants or keep your essential travel items like a helmet, sunscreen, or glasses.

5: Horizontal shoe rack for tiny spaces:

Most people living in cities have narrow corridors; hence they cannot build a large wooden shoe rack in the corridor. In such cases, a horizontal shoe rack can perfectly into your narrow corridor. Moreover, the sleek designs of the corridor will also perfectly align with the interior design of your entrance.

6: Combination of shoe rack and bench: 

Are you finding it difficult to wear your socks and shoes every day? The shoe rack and bench combination will do wonders for your daily routine. Whether you want to wear shoes at the gym or wear shoes at your office, you can pick one, sit on the bench, wear it and leave quickly. The idea looks unique, and most importantly, it offers a comfortable feel to all the visitors with its multi-tasking nature.

7: Simple shoe rack with minimalistic designs: 

If you are looking for a simple and effective shoe stand for your home, we highly recommend you go with this option. You can bring a few wooden slabs, arrange them one on the other, and use acrylic paint for designs.

8: DIY rolling shoe tray: 

Suppose you don’t want your shoes to be visible or the first object that every visitor will see at your entrance. You can build a rolling shoe tray under a bench to make use of the space, and most importantly, you can smartly hide the shoes. All you have to do is bring wheels and attach them to a tray and fix it underneath the bench to build your secret shoe rack.

9: Personalized shoe basket:

Do you have a large seating bench at your entrance? You can place a few baskets under the bench to ensure that all the members in your house get their personalized shoe rack. You can also add a name tag on the basket. They look cute, but they are not durable as they are good for a temporary purpose.

10: Copper shoe rack:

Do you have an extra-copper pipe at your home? You can weld the pipe and fit it on the wall to create a DIY shoe rack at minimum cost and maximum space.

11: DIY wall mounted shoe rack:

Don’t have space on the ground to create a shoe rack? What about free walls near the entrance? You can build a DIY wall-mounted shoe rack that would feel light on your pocket. All you have to do is attach handbags on the wall quite similar to ones you see in shoe stores in the market.

12: Three-tier bamboo shoe storage:

If hanging handbags on the wall feel cheap, you can go with an eco-friendly three-tier bamboo shoe rack which you can build yourself. The bamboo shoe rack will also add a classic vibe to your entrance, and your innovative design can play a pivotal role when building a DIY bamboo shoe rack.

13: Modular shoe rack:

In this design, you will have to stack individual shoe boxes so that they decrease in number like a staircase. You can use the interlocking system to ensure that boxes don’t feel on the ground. The modular shoe rack design is perfect for uneven entrances or tight corners.

Despite being the most underrated piece of furniture while building a new home, shoe racks have great importance in every home. Apart from keeping your shoes in the right shape, they also serve as the first decorative furniture which every visitor will look upon while visiting your home. Therefore, you will have to go with the best ideas that complement the overall interior design of your home.