Stylish and Affordable Upgrades to Make Your Room Spring-ready

Spring is almost here! For many people, spring marks the need for a change. It could be a change in habits, perspective, or the look of your living space.

The coronavirus has forced us to spend more time at home. Thus, homeowners are looking for ways to improve their space. These small improvements have helped many people to get used to their new work or study space.

Your interior upgrade does not need to be expensive. There’s no need for you to call a contractor to do the challenging work. You can do it without spending a dime. Here’s how you can upgrade your home in time for spring.

Change your room’s layout

Making changes does not always equate to new furniture or major construction work. Sometimes, all you need to do is to switch around your furniture. Rearranging your layout can help maximize your space. You can position your sofa and TV in a different spot. Another technique would be to switch up furniture from different rooms.

Upgrade your walls

Your walls can change the mood of your room. Spring colors would be great choices; you can choose pastel yellows and pinks. You’ll also never go wrong with light-colored neutrals. If you can’t paint your walls, go for a stylish wall covering instead. They are easy to install and won’t cause a mess.

Bare walls can look bland even if they are colorful. You can make your walls functional by adding shelves. They can hold your books, magazines, and photo frames. You can also hang mirrors to give off an illusion of a bigger space.

Organize and get rid of clutter

Organizing makes a lot of difference, but it takes so much work. Sometimes, all you need to do is get rid of clutter. Let go of items that no longer “spark joy” to create more space for the things that matter. Arrange the rest of your things in functional boxes and organizers so you can easily find them.

Another great way to organize your space is to get rid of wires. You can buy cable boxes to hide wires to make your entertainment set look put-together. You can also use these for your phone and laptop chargers.

Choose multifunctional furniture

If you have the budget to buy new furniture, invest in multifunctional pieces. These pieces are great for people who live in smaller spaces. Pick a stool that doubles as storage, or buy a coffee table with racks for your magazines and books. These pieces will make your room look more spacious.

Have a statement carpet or rug

Carpets bring personality to your room. Like a coffee table, a good rug can make a distinction in your room. If you live in a studio unit, a rug can work as a divider for your living area and kitchen. It can also work as a makeshift floor seat when you need to entertain guests.

Be careful with rugs when you have pets at home. As pets can be territorial, you have to make sure they do not mark their rug as their space. Choose a machine-washable rug so that you can keep your area clean at all times.

Add plants to your new setup

Spring is about great blooms. However, many of us are allergic to flowers. Why not add plants instead? They are more than aesthetic additions to your room.

Plants can improve the air quality in your area. Moreover, plants can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. They can help you feel at ease while you work from home.

Taking care of plants is a commitment. Yet, there are low-maintenance plants that can survive even when you’re too busy to take care of them. Another favorite choice is succulents. They just need sunlight and a few sprays of water from time to time. You can put them in pretty pots that can double as accents on your coffee table or shelves.

Highlight your sofa with textured throw pillows

Upgrade your sofa’s look with a new set of throw pillows. You do not have to buy new ones if you have them at home. There are many pattern choices available that can suit your decor. Play around and change them whenever you wish.

After a tough year at home, you deserve an upgraded living space. It does not need to be expensive; you just have to be creative. By popping color and functional accents into your bare room, you can create the space of your dreams.