Sustainable Luxury: The Timeless Appeal of Keter’s Lakeside Collection

With centralized manufacturing as a core part of its strategy, Keter has enjoyed a prosperous expansion across North America and throughout Europe. Premium supplier of sustainable resin-based outdoor products, Keter has garnered a reputation for delivering amazing products at unbeatable prices all while keeping the environment in mind.

Led by the work of CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter recently took time to proudly announce its latest creation, the Keter Lakeside Collection. Hammering home on the importance of sustainability and affordability, the Keter Lakeside Collection is a continuation of all the work that Keter has done so well.

Taking time out of his day to tout the recent accomplishments of his business, CEO Alejandro Pena weighed in on the collection

Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything that Keter does. Founded in 1948 in Israel, Keter has grown exponentially thanks to its focus on sustainable resin-based materials. This sustainable resin gives Keter’s product line longevity and recyclability, leading the way for Keter’s mission of offsetting landfill waste.

The Lakeside Collection is built from completely recyclable materials which means that all of its products are pushing forward Keter’s mission statement. Waterproof and durable, Keter’s products have been treated with SunGuard Technology to prevent fading and other environmental damage.

Keter’s Lakeside Collection is also made from LumberTech, a material that is produced in the United States from milk containers. LumberTech is ultimately sustainable with a modern finish that makes it indistinguishable from other more expensive options. LumberTech has a 400-pound carrying capacity while also preventing splinters from ever happening.

Keter continues to lead the charge with regard to sustainability and its environmental practices, continuing efforts including the elimination of any single-use plastic products. Additionally, Keter expends up to 88% less energy by utilizing recycled resin versus virgin resin more commonly found in other products.

Meet the Lakeside Collection

The Keter Lakeside Collection features six Adirondack-style chairs that are available in a half-dozen different styles, colors, and finishes. Informed by its pillars of sustainability, Pena and Keter have designed its products to be 100% recyclable while lasting an entire lifetime.

According to Keter, the Lakeside Collection features “all the beauty of classic wooden chairs without the hassles and headaches.”

Rounding out the Lakeside Collection, shoppers will find their way to products like the Premium Lakeside Round Outdoor Side Table available in a slew of colors. Alejandro Pena points to products like the Rockford Outdoor Trash Can as an additional companion to the product line.

Keter’s CEO Alejandro Pena weighed in on the work being done by his team by saying, “They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”