The Qualities That Make A Modern Garden Shed

When thinking about adding another space to your home, you’re likely to consider a few factors.

  • The location of the room
  • The purpose of the room
  • Potential colour schemes
  • Furnishings, accessories, and fabrics

Building costs in the UK are generally expensive, so building a new room on or around your property can be a costly endeavour, one that consumes a great deal of time and money. If you don’t have the financial reserves saved for new construction, as well as the potential to cover issues that may arise, a premade garden structure may be the better option for you.

Garden sheds are no longer the common storage buildings of years gone by. In fact, numerous homeowners are adding them to their properties to serve many different purposes, those other than simply storage. Because of this potential in design, purchasing a high-quality, modern garden shed can be an excellent investment. When shopping for your next new room, keep an eye out for the following points that qualify the outbuilding as a modern garden shed.

Treated Timber

Timber that is treated under pressure is guaranteed to last at least ten to fifteen years. It can also be stained or painted according to your individual requirements, setting your building apart from others, even though they may have the same design. Treated timber sheds are also less likely to fall prey to wood borer infestations.

Firm Framework

Your building is going to be exposed to all kinds of weather, especially in the UK. You don’t want it to fall over at the first sight of wind, or have to place buckets on the floor because the roof leaks. Inspect the structure as a whole, but check every aspect independently. How is the building assembled? Are the wood panels glued and nailed together, or are they joined with tongues and grooves?

Natural Light

Ask the manufacturer of your shed what models are available with windows or even glass doors. The glass will increase the flow of natural light into the room, making it appear larger, as well as generally more appealing. Natural light is paramount for those people who will utilise their sheds for extended periods during the day, for example as a home office. If the model of your shed includes windows, ensure that they seal properly.


Invest in a shed that is suitable for your intended purpose. Manufacturers often have a catalogue of standard sizes and designs, but can customise a shed should a customer request it. If you’re going to use your garden room as a spare guest room, be sure to include, at the very least, a small ablution area. If it’s meant as a home spa, ensure that it is large enough to accommodate a bathtub and a massage bed.

Irrespective of what garden shed you decide to purchase, your new modern shed is going to enhance your property, and increase its value.