Three Preventative Measures to Ensure your House is Free of Bed Bugs

When you sleep around bed bugs, you will feel like you have a bad dream. That is why you want to do something about it fast. Bed bug bites can deprive you and your loved ones of quality sleep which can impact your overall wellbeing. But, you cannot completely get rid of bed bugs on your own. While you can depend on solutioncimex.com/en/ bed-bugs for bed bug extermination, you want to take some preventative measures to avoid the hassles that these bugs can cause.

Be Familiar with the Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

You need to know how bed bugs look like and the signs of a bed bug infestation to stop a bed bug issue from becoming a crisis. These oval, flat, brown, and wingless bugs are around a quarter of an inch in length. You can find them in box springs, wall outlets, bed frames, behind clocks and photos, as well as in floor cracks. Occasionally, they leave behind casings and deposit blood spots or fecal spots.

Carry Out a Hotel Bed Inspection

Once you get to your hotel room, pull back the sheets and scan near the mattress’ corners and around the headboard. Look for dark brown and red blood spots and casings. Lift the mattress and check underneath. You can easily spot any signs of bugs with a flashlight. In case you find any signs of bed bugs or you wake up to any bites, report it to hotel management right away, and ask for a new room in a separate part of the building.

Protect your Own Bedroom

If you have already dealt with bed bugs, the best way to protect your bedroom from future infestation is to buy a new mattress and box spring encasement and bed bug interceptors. Although bedbug-proof encasements will not stop the critters from getting into your house, they can make it easier to eliminate the bugs if they infest your bedroom. When you cover your mattress and box spring with encasements, the trapped bed bugs will eventually die of starvation. Moreover, bed bug interceptors are special platforms or cups that you can under every foot of the bed frame. They will help in preventing bed bugs from climbing up and onto your bed. Try to get more relevant advice from a professional bed bug exterminator to prevent future infestation. They know exactly the solutions to the problem and how to prevent it from happening.