Tips to Resolve the Top Home Security Blunders People Make

A homeowner is responsible for the functioning of the house like plumbing or electricity repairs or paying taxes or utility bills and even taking care of those loved ones living under the roof. Besides healthcare, the homeowner is responsible to consider home security. Even if all the doors and windows are locked there can be a slip-up, which the intruders take advantage of.

You may think that the Minneapolis neighbourhood is safe or you have a dog means there is no need to have a home security system. However, you may come across news where dogs get injured during a burglary. Safe neighbourhood leaves your home vulnerable to be broken-into.

Perfect burglars keep an eye on homes that offer great pay-outs, so never ignore security solutions. Floyd has been offering people of Minneapolis home security solutions for more than 70 years.

Tips to resolve the top home security blunders people make

No preparation when you go on a vacation

Going on a vacation is cool but leaving the house vulnerable for intruders is not wise. It is easy for robbers to rob an empty home that lacks a home monitoring system. You pre-plan your vacation but ignore home security planning. You can consider a house-sitter when you are away. This can avert the intruder as your home is occupied. You can consider installing a security monitoring system, which can offer peace of mind during the vacation as your belongings will be safe.

Keep porch lights off

Burglars are active at night. Homeowners switch-off the porch lights. Thieves never like to be identified, so they will always choose a home in darkness. Having porch lights on will be a great deterrent, even if it cannot always avert them, is a warning sign. Consider the porch lights controlling system using ADT Pulse.

Not keeping bushes trimmed

Good lighting is crucial as a majority of burglaries occur in the daylight hours. Ensure that the shrubs in the garden are trimmed. Overgrown bushes around the house offer intruders to hide and wait for a chance to break-in your home.

Leave windows unlocked

While leaving the home or even at night, it is necessary to lock the windows. Burglars have multiple plans up their sleeves, if they cannot gain access via doors, they try the windows. Burglaries through windows are mostly because the window was unlocked or open. A monitoring security system notifies the owner that a window is unlocked and if a burglar tries to enter there is a siren that starts blowing.