uPVC Roof Lanterns: What’s Best for Your Design?

Roof lanterns and skylights continue to improve each year in design. Whether you are looking for a roof lantern supplier to help you become more efficient as a contractor working on housing developments and refurbishment projects, or a homeowner with a flat roof extension in the works and a desire to bring more light into the home, it is important to understand the advantages of UPVC roof lanterns that fit within your design choices. Always work with a roof lantern supplier that has plenty of experience and is in the perfect position to offer you great advice and guidance on the correct uPVC roof lantern to suit the property and project in question.

A roof lantern is a great way to bring in additional natural light to a structure or building. If you are adding an orangery or conservatory as part of an extension to a building a roof lantern is an incredible way to do this, whilst adding a certain level of style and grace to the whole effect at the same time. A roof lantern is an extra window in the chosen room it is being installed within, just in the roof. What this does is open up the entire space below it, providing ample light and a feeling of spaciousness that provides a calm setting in whatever configuration the room is to be set in.

There are always choices to be made when adding a roof lantern to your property, or offering it as part of a contract your team is working on within a construction project or refurbishment remit. Each roof lantern supplier can offer different dimensions and specifications, and these can be tailored to fit the exact requirements of the structure being built or renovated. Whatever type of roof lantern is installed in terms of design, size, or materials used to build it there remains a few certainties in benefits.

The major one is what we’ve already mentioned – an increase in natural light. This is an incredible way to improve the way a home is managed with a view to being environmentally aware. The natural light increase means there is a lesser need for artificial lighting; with the natural light illuminating not just the room with the roof lantern, but also lighting up the adjoining room in a house. This can hep to drastically reduce utility bills in the process. In terms of aesthetic a roof lantern is a wonderful addition to any property, adding the finishing touch to a renovation or new build conservatory or orangery.

Choosing to install uPVC roof lanterns from a professional roof lantern supplier is a popular choice. uPVC frames provide an excellent level of insulation, as well as increasing the levels of waterproofing on the roof it is installed on. All of this is achieved at a lower cost when compared with roof lanterns made from aluminium. When you have the same benefits of great insulation, higher levels of natural life, lower energy bills, and a waterproof extra window, but at a lower cost, it makes sense to choose a supplier of uPVC roof lanterns for a roof extension.