Ways To Make Home A Safer Place For The Elderly

As the people you love get older, there are things you need to do to adjust to the changes in their abilities.  Age does things to the body.  Elderly people can have balance issues, memory issues, vision challenges, and more.  

It’s important that there are efforts made to make their living spaces as safe as possible.  Take a few minutes to read over some of the most helpful moves you can make to provide a safe place for your elderly loved ones to live.  

You may need more help

Making the current living situation better isn’t always the answer.  Sometimes your elderly loved one would be safer in an assisted living facility.  Assisted living is a great way for seniors to continue living a comfortable life with a lot more help than they would have at home.  

You and your family may not have enough time and resources to properly provide a safe living space for your elderly loved one.  Sometimes aging brings about a long list of daily needs, and there’s not always enough time in the day for family members to properly provide the necessary care.  

Add extra lighting to the space

If you do choose to help your elderly loved ones age in place, you need to do a few things to make the home space safer.  Adding strategic lighting to the house will help accommodate for the vision challenges your loved ones might face.  

Lighting in dark hallways and bathrooms will help everyone navigate through the house a little easier at night.  It’s also helpful to add lighting under the counters in the kitchen for those late night snack times.  

Install grab bars and handrails 

The bathroom (particularly the shower) can be a very dangerous place when you’re facing mobility issues.  If you want to make showering and using the restroom a safe situation for your aging loved ones,  you should add some sturdy bars.  

Adding grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet will help keep things moving.  Just make sure they are installed correctly, so they’re strong enough to hold someone’s complete body weight.  

Make sure the flooring is solid

Flooring is the arch nemesis of an elderly person who has trouble with their coordination or agility.  A loose board or a loose piece of carpet could cause someone to trip, and falls can be very dangerous for an aging body.  

Look into security options 

Wearable security devices are extremely valuable when you want to make sure your loved one is safe while they’re alone.  Today’s technology provides devices that can keep your home and your people secure, so investigate options that best serve your present needs.  

Please see the resource below if you are interested in learning more on changing your home for elderly living.

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