Which is better for Installation of Wood Boilers: Water or No Water Storage?

This is the most important question when it comes to installing wood burning boiler. Some Europeans may prefer that the best way is the water storage as they perceive this as the efficient way to install and use hot water solid fuel boilers. Imagine, if you have one gallon of fuel and a generator. You need to produce electricity so as to light and power up your home. When you run a generator idly all day long, it doesn’t use a gallon of fuel much, but it may run your generator at an efficient speed and make the most of that power to charge up your battery bank. Then, you can also use a little power as it may be needed later and the generator doesn’t need to be used except for charging the battery bank again. On the basis of your frugal nature with your stored energy, you can determine how long you can charge the battery bank.

Now, imagine the same generator when you have installed a newly high tech gasification boiler to a set of storage tanks which are meant to store the BTU’s produced when the boiler is run as required. There are a lot of benefits to this as well. Here you only run the boiler when needed, if the weather is mild, then you use less BTUs from the storage tanks and keep them hot for longer.

So, in the mild weather, you can only run boiler once in every week when the temperature in the tank drops to a particular temperature. When this happens, a flashing light is triggered somewhere to notify you that it is time to run the boiler. When the weather is extremely cold, then you may need to run the boiler almost every day. The boiler operates at an optimal computer controlled combustion. The best boilers keep an eye on the CO input.

This transforms per pound of wood used in the boiler for getting over a whopping 90 percent back in the usable BTUs. In other words, less wood used, split, stacked and seasoned. When you are buying wood, you may notice this as well.

When any solid fuel boiler is kept idle for days, it doesn’t work efficiently. All boilers are operated at optimal temperatures. So, always have water storage for installing any boiler as the principle is the same in all solid fuel appliances. You cannot stop the fire once you are working with gas or oil by using the valve to control the fuel flow. Once the wood is lit, you can get good combustion temperature. Never interrupt the process once it begins.